When it comes to the Internet, picking a good name is more important than picking a good name in the actual world. This is because on the Internet your name serves as the main reason consumers will go to your site. You will want to stay away from picking a name that sounds too generic.

If generic names were the way to go Buy.com would be much bigger than Amazon.com and CheapTickets.com would be bigger than Expedia and Travelocity. Therefore, there are some steps that you can use in order to come up with a name that will give your Internet brand the best chance of succeeding.

First, keep the name short and simple. This makes it easier for consumers to remember and quicker and easier to type into their browser. Keeping the name simple and easy to spell is key for success on the Internet. To reach your website the consumer has to spell it correctly, one little mistake and they will be sent to a completely different site. If your brand is better known by a nickname with consumers keep that in mind when coming up with your name for the Internet. Many companies that have been around for a while have used this to their advantage.

Consumers used FedEx rather than Federal Express so much that the company changed its name to FedEx. When was the last time someone asked you if you wanted to go to Kentucky Fried Chicken? The name does not appear on their signs anymore; it has been changed to KFC. KFC.com is much easier and simpler to spell than Kentuckyfriedchicken.com.

Second, the name you choose should be distinctive. This will help you be more memorable to consumers. Again, stay away from the use of the generic and make sure that the name you choose implies the category that you are in. If you want to sell dog food on the Internet, do not go with a generic name like Dogfood.com, think of something more dynamic that consumers will remember like Planetdogfood.com or Dogfooddepot.com. These names are going to be more interesting and memorable to consumers than the generic alternative.

The name you choose should also conjure a picture in the minds of consumers when they hear it. Go back to the example of the dog food. Which name brings a more interesting picture in your mind? Is it the generic sounding Dogfood.com or the more interesting Planetdogfood.com and Dogfooddepot.com? Not only do the names in the latter bring a more interesting picture to the minds of consumers they will also help the company that has these websites with advertising and design of the website. They offer so many more options all around than with something plain and lifeless.

Finally, the name you choose should be able to be spoken. You might think that is sounds silly, but just think about all the websites that are out there that addresses are only initials. This makes their websites infinitely harder to remember than one that has an easily speakable name. This brings up another point of naming for the Internet, mixing numbers with names. While using numbers for words when doing things like texting makes it faster and easier, it does not transfer to Internet naming.

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If you start a website with the name Good4you.com, you will either have to have an advertising campaign to tell prospective consumers how to spell your name or you will also have to pay the extra expense of owning two domain names, Good4you.com and Goodforyou.com. This is a cost that you do not need, so why pick a confusing name only to spend more money. Mixing numbers and letters is much harder to remember that just letters or even just numbers, so pick one and stick with it.

Perhaps no other medium has more affect on the global economy than the Internet. It is something that is accessible from all parts of the world breaking down barriers that have long stood in the way of doing business across the world. Now a small company in a rural part of the country can do business with anyone, anywhere in the world. This is an exciting option when starting an Internet brand.

This is an important factor to remember when having your website designed. Have the website designed so that it can be translated into several different languages. This will help your brand become global. Some companies are already reaping the benefits of the globalism that is available through the Internet. Amazon, is based in the United States, is the largest seller of books in the United Kingdom, and more than twenty percent of their sales occur from purchases from outside of the United States.

Some Internet businesses choose to not allow the option on their website to be translated to other languages and go with an English only approach. Those companies choose to do this because they think that by going with an English only website gives it a more exclusive and luxury feel. In addition, English is the second most spoken language in the more and in used as the language of business, so spending the time and money to have the website being able to be translated into several languages might be a waste of money.

Moreover, companies that are located in non-English speaking countries are naming their brands in English. You have already seen the examples of Red Bull that comes from Austria and Diesel jeans that come from Italy. These are just a couple of the products from non-English speaking countries that have been given English sounding names.

The opportunity to go global is another reason to stay away from a generic name. If you are trying to sell shoes on the Internet, naming the site Shoes.com is akin to shooting yourself in the foot. The word “shoes” does not mean the same thing in all languages so non-English speaking people will have no idea what you are selling and will not go to your site.

This is way Nike is successful, if they called their company Athletic Gear, they would not have the success that they enjoy. Nike means the same thing to consumers across the globe. Athletic teams across the world wear Nike gear so when they are looking to buy some athletic equipment on the Internet typing in the word Nike into the computer is an easy thing to do and it is the first name that comes into consumer’s minds when they want to purchase athletic gear.